Newborn Baby Alphabet Suggestion

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Serve your first duty as parents!

After giving birth, giving a name to the child is the foremost duty of all parents. Hence serve it well.


By giving your baby just the right name!

How to choose baby name?

Naming your child is a big responsibility and selecting the right & compatible name is even bigger!

When you call your baby by name, you actually fix the baby to receive results from certain planets and Nakshatras for a lifetime. Moreover, your baby’s name shapes his/her personality, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses & chances of growth in life. That is why a baby’s name must be chosen carefully according to his/her birth details.

In Hinduism, the name holds special significance!

As per our ancestors, the first letter of the name supports the child for a lifetime. Therefore, the Namkaran Samnskar is organized to name the baby.

Get Name alphabet by Pt. Rahul Kaushl!

The alphabet is determined via the birth Nakshatra in which the baby is born. Pt. Rahul Kaushl tells a suitable alphabet as per the birth Nakshatra of the baby.

Well, the duty does not end after the alphabet only. Giving the baby a name compatible with the date of birth is more important.
What are the dimensions of a lucky baby name?

A name compatible astrologically and numerologically is the best & lucky name. A lucky & compatible name helps the baby receive the merits of his birth numbers, do well in studies, be happy emotionally & mentally, and achieve meaningful success.

The procedure of deciding a lucky baby name!

Keeping the right baby’s name is a twofold process: Astrological & Numerological

There are two steps to give your baby the best and lucky name:

1. Baby name selection as per Astrology:

As per astrology, the name’s first letter shall be chosen as per the birth Nakshatra. There are 27 Nakshatras, and each Nakshatra is assigned with some alphabets. The Pandit/astrologer would need your baby’s correct date of birth, birth time, and birthplace to calculate the birth star (Nakshatra) and the Charna in which the baby is born to suggest a suitable alphabet.

Astrology helps select the lucky alphabet and

Numerology helps select the lucky name value!

2. Baby name selection as per Numerology:

Finalizing the baby’s name on the selected alphabet is not enough. Your baby’s full name value will also rule his/her life to a great extent. Every time you call your baby by name his/her brain & energies will respond to that then will attract certain cosmic results. Hence, the complete name value must be compatible with his/her date of birth so your baby attracts only positive results.

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    In this report, will I get full name or only the first alphabet?

    • Shivani Yadav

      only the first alphabet.

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