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In the world of astrology, Gemstone is a big deal! Why? Because Gemstones are pregnant with the higher vibrations of the planets – as well as – are the great sources to attract the power of the respective planet.

Wearing any gemstone just by knowing its advantages is harmful!

Despite some general traits, planets are placed in different houses at different degrees in the individual horoscope, thus, yielding diverse results. By calculating each & every aspect of a horoscope, a correct gemstone is determined that proves to be a big game changer in the native’s life. Conversely, wearing a gemstone randomly causes suffering and downfalls.

Wearing a gemstone of the weak planet is a myth!

Local astrologers often suggest wearing a gemstone of the weak planet in the horoscope, which is an incorrect formula. Logically, gemstones attract the vibration of the planets; so, if any planet is already weak in your horoscope, the respective gemstone will fetch its negative vibrations and make life worse.

Which gemstone suits you the best?

People commonly ask which gemstone they should wear. Well, there are different measures to calculate a lucky gemstone for you, such as the Lagna, the moon sign, the requirement of the native, planets sitting in the Karka house, planets in the Bhagya Bhava, Planets in the Dhana Bhava, Planets in the and so on. Before wearing any gemstone, it is advised to get a proper recommendation as per your horoscope. Pandit Rahul Kaushal suggests a 100% accurate gemstone recommendation report after thoroughly analyzing your horoscope.

What is the ideal weight/Rattika of a Gemstone?

The weight/Rattika of the gemstone depends upon diverse factors, such as age, body weight, planet degree, etc. Nevertheless, the Rattika of gemstones hardly matters. To avoid any confusion, you can always wear a good quality gemstone of standard size or as per your jewellery choice.

How do gemstones work?

Since gemstones are receptors of planets, they attract sufficient energy from the respective planet and penetrate the same to your body. Gemstones increase the power of the planets and produce results.

Some people complain that they faced failures, deaths, losses, accidents, and poor results after wearing a gemstone. It happens because by wearing the wrong gemstone, they increase the power of the enemy planet and then suffer.

Therefore, if you wear the right gemstone of a favourable planet, you will receive the best results; conversely, if you wear the wrong gemstone of an unfavourable planet, you will receive the worst results.

3 reviews for Lucky Gemstone Suggestion

  1. maheshkkhandale

    I m suggested by website, yellow calcite, 7 lapis chakra, rudra crystal, I want to buy two ,which two can I buy.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      You can wear any of it.

  2. subhabose008

    Good but shortcut one liner answer , in horo frm gemstones suggested are diffrnt but here i got suggestion of completely diff stone more confused only

    • Rahul Kaushl

      In suggestion report you got suggestion in accord with your need and your birth chart.

  3. shreemanasbanerjee

    Very genuine and perfect site for astrology

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

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