Rudraksha is a quite powerful bead. It has an equal footing to expensive Gemstones. Different Mukhis (faced) Rudrakshas are accessible, and each has its own significance & benefits. The amazing benefits Rudrakshas provide make them the most desirable by people. However, there are some common Rudraksha-buying doubts that hit the mind while buying a Rudraksha. For this, you need proper consultation. We have endeavoured to offer free Rudraksha consultation to clear your maximum doubts.

Which Rudraksha shall I wear?

People often get confused about which Rudraksha is beneficial for them. Usually, all Rudrakshas are beneficial in themselves, but to pick the one, you shall wear a Rudraksha that suits your requirements the best. If you want to know which Rudraksha is best for me then you can use the free Rudraksha calculator offered by How to use the calculator? Open the Rudraksha calculator, fill in your details and get the Rudraksha suggestions. The calculator will analyze your details and will suggest how many faced Rudraksha you shall wear.

Generally, you can wear any Rudraksha with devotion, and it will give you positive results for sure. However, there are five ways to choose a specific Rudraksha:

  • Wear a Rudraksha as per Ishta Devta. Almost every Rudraksha is blessed by a specific deity. You can choose the Rudraksha as per the deity you worship with heart.
  • Wear a Rudraksha as per results. Each Rudraksha offers certain benefits/results. So you can choose the Rudraksha as per the results you want to obtain.
  • Wear a Rudraksha as per Astrology. There are Rudrakshas that represent a specific planet and are worn to balance/exalt the respective planet. Such planetary Rudrakshas prove the best substitute for precious gemstones.
  • Wear Rudraksha as per Numerology. Like planets, Rudrakshas hold numeric energies. You can wear a Rudraksha as per your Origin or Master Number.
  • Wear Rudraksha as per Name. Astrologically, all the alphabets are divided into 12 zodiac signs owned by respective planets. So, you can choose a Rudraksha as per your name’s first letter.

Moreover, one can wear multiple Rudrakshas without any concern. All Mukhi Rudrakshas strung together to form a divine MahaGuru Mala that is highly pious, beneficial and regarded by humans, Devtas & sages.

What is the right way to wear a Rudraksha?

Rudraksha shall be worn on the hand or around the neck?

The main motive of wearing Rudraksha is syncing its divine energies with your bio-energies. So, it hardly matters whether you wear Rudraksha on the hand or around the neck. In case you can’t wear the Rudraksha, you can simply keep it in your pocket or purse.

Is it necessary to wear Rudraksha with rituals?

Well! If you are wearing Rudraksha considering it a holy bead, then it becomes important for you to wear it with due rites, including Japa, Abhisheka, and offerings. Performing these rites on Rudraksha activates it with an intent; thus, the Rudraksha yields auspicious results. Alternatively, you can wear sanctified Rudraksha (available on that is already charged with due rites and intent. You can directly the sanctified Rudraksha.

Are there any side-effects of Rudraksha?

No! Rudraksha is a beautiful gift given by Lord Shiva to his children. Furthermore, it contains positive/cosmic powers within which can only do good, not bad. So, there is no side-effect of wearing Rudraksha.

Can women wear Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is indiscriminate of gender, age, caste, and religion. Everybody on the earth can wear Rudraksha. Yet, there is a taboo of women wearing Rudraksha that does not mean women pollute the Rudraksha; the reason why women were prohibited from wearing Rudraksha was purely scientific. Hence, with some precautions, women can freely wear Rudraksha.

How to take care of Rudraksha?

Rudraksha maintenance is easy. To take care of Rudraksha, you shall wash it time-to-time to remove the dust stuck in its pores, you shall also remove Rudraksha before sleeping or taking a bath, and optionally, you shall chant any Shiva Mantra at least 11 times on it.

From where to buy Rudrakshas?

There is a range of Rudraksha sellers out there. However, not all the sellers are genuine; many sell fake Rudrakshas just to make some extra cents. To avoid such bluff, always buy Rudraksha from a trusted source that sells Rudraksha with a guarantee. Wearing a fake Rudraksha is meaningless! If you want to experience magical results, then you must acquire an original Rudraksha. In the digital era, you can easily buy Rudraksha online. Rudrakshas on are available at wholesale prices and certificate of authenticity.