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What Lord Shiva Says About Rudraksha

Rudra (Lord Shiva) + Aksha (Tears) = Rudraksha

Once, goddess Parvati – concert of Lord Shiva – asked her husband about the origin of Rudraksha. Replying to his beloved Parvati, Lord Shiva narrated the story thus; once he was involved in a deep & prolonged penance for the welfare of the universe; then, after a long time, when Lord Shiva opened his lotus-like eyes, some teardrops fell to the ground; wherever his teardrops fell, a Rudraksha tree grew there. It is how Rudraksha came into existence. Seeds of Rudraksha trees were distributed across the earth, then grew multiple Rudraksha trees, through which the world is still receiving divine Rudrakshas.

In Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva also narrated the types of Rudrakshas, their significance & benefits, and wearing methods.

Rudraksha is way more powerful than anything else!

The supremacy of Rudraksha is difficult to lock in words. These power beads are so vibrant that negativity, sorrows, diseases, ignorance, poverty, or problems cannot stand a chance before them. Rudrakshas are the epitome of Lord Shiva but are additionally blessed by different deities & planets. No other bead got the same luck! Prosperity, happiness, health, prosperity, luxuries, and spirituality gravitate towards Rudraksha.

Which Rudraksha will Specifically Benefit You?

Generally, all Rudrakshas are beneficial in their own manner, but which Rudraksha is particularly beneficial for you is a matter of expertise. People often inquire about which Rudraksha I should wear.

We follow different measures to suggest a specific Rudraksha, such as the Dasha person going through, the primary requirement/problem of the person, and the planetary energies the person needs. After analyzing all these factors, one or more Rudrakshas are suggested.

Which region Rudraksha is auspicious?

Rudrakshas are sourced from different regions, but they hold the same values & benefits. The cost difference exists because of the rarity, stock, distance, and other sourcing challenges. So, regardless of its origin, Rudraksha is bound to benefit you.

Can ladies wear Rudrakshas?

Yes, women can certainly wear Rudraksha and gain benefits through that. Undoubtedly, Rudraksha is related to Lord Shiva, but Shiva is also incomplete without Shakti. Moreover, there are Rudrakshas pregnant with the feminine energies of goddesses like Parvati, Lakshmi & Sarasvati. So, why can’t women wear Rudraksha? There is no harm in women wearing the sacred Rudraksha(s).

Another common fear of people is that Rudrakshas shall not be worn during the menstrual cycle. The answer to that is there is no side-effect, curse, or harm in wearing Rudraksha on the odd days.

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  1. Ravish Handa

    Sir this is Ravish Handa. My dob is 08/11/1988, I have ordered amethyst bracelet but I m confused in rudraksha for my married life as well as for my career.

  2. purbitasen01

    Sir mera date of birth-29/12/1998 .Mera nam -Purbita Sen.mera govt job ke liye konsa rudraksha lo? Mene exam deya tha but crack nehi kar payi?

  3. shreemanasbanerjee

    Remedies are effective

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  4. shreemanasbanerjee

    Good site for problem’s solution

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