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Upcoming Dubai Tour – 23 Feb 2023 to 26 Feb 2023

FYI, Pt. Rahul Kaushal is on his periodic visit to Dubai and is available to cater Vastu services to Emiratis (Dubai Natives) and Expats / Business Man

During his stay in Dubai, you can consult him for services including:

  • General Consultation – worth INR 15000 or DHR 699 (This package includes 15 minutes telephonic conversations in which you may ask two questions per person)
  • Vastu Consultation for Old Home / Flat / Villa in Dubai (USE) – worth INR 51000 or DHR 2400 (This package includes visit but is subject to the availability of Mr. Rahul Kaushl in Dubai )
  • Vastu Consultation for New Home / Flat / Villa in Dubai (USE) – worth INR 1.50 Lakhs or DHR 7899 onwards (This package includes 2-3 visits, Subject to availability)
  • Vastu Consultation for Industry / Commercial Establishments in Dubai (USE) – worth INR 1.50 Lakhs or DHR 7899 onwards
  • Extra visits will cost as actual expenses on traveling.

Please call or WhatsApp us if you wish to pay in Dubai:- +91 769-666-6666

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Vastu is scientific or religion-specific?

Vastu is fairly scientific. It has nothing to do with any specific religion, cult or belief system. The core aim of Vastu is “happy existence”, whether it is for an Indian, Muslim, Emirati, American, Dutch, Chinese, or people of any other religion or place. So, Vastu is not for any religion; Vastu is for humans & their varied requirements.

Does Vastu work in Dubai?

Of course, Yes! Vastu works for every place, human, and building in a likely manner. The only thing changes is an alteration in Vastu principles as per the earth position, environment, and individual requirements.

Can I learn Vastu in Dubai?

Yes! You can learn the science of Vastu in Dubai. The course schedule, including the fee structure, is updated on our website:

Why do I need Vastu in Dubai?

Vastu is a single solution for multiple problems, be it – related to finance, income, sales, relationships, gains, marriage, health, mental stability, travelling, and so forth. You can figure out the problem in your life and can discuss them in the consultation session.

Contact information For Dubai (UAE):

Mobile/WhatsApp: +91-769-666-6666

E-mail ID: Rahul @


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