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What are Crystals?

Geologically, crystals are natural, solid & organized structures of atoms, molecules, irons, and components. Metaphysically, these fascinating colourful pieces are actually energy bombs that reimburse the lacking energy in the body & life, thus, promoting healing.

Nature has blessed the planet Earth with a vast range of healing crystals that one can never get tired of gazing at, knowing, choosing & trying.

The market is full of crystals of different sizes, shapes, chemical formulas, crystal systems, and names.

Which one to take among all?

Here are some tips to choose a fine crystal for you:

  • Buy based on the benefits! Always read the benefits written by the experts and choose if they meet your need.
  • Pick the crystal you think is calling you! Mostly, the crystal you need will keep attracting you the most, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.
  • Take a professional suggestion! If you still cannot decide, ask a crystallographer who is well-acquainted with all the types of crystal and their benefits. It is a professional, time-saving, and assured way of choosing a crystal.
How to use crystals?

Crystals are easy remedies to use and work with to receive jaw-opening benefits. You can use crystals in diverse manners:

  • Display the crystal! To receive the energies/benefits of crystal, you can display it anywhere in your home or office. This way, crystals attract clients, happiness, positivity, peace & health.
  • Carry the crystal! You can simply carry a crystal piece in your pocket or purse, and it will keep working for you.
  • Use crystal for healing! Crystals are famous healing tools used by professional healers. Simply take a relevant crystal and gently place or rotate it on the problematic area and see improvement.
  • Meditate with crystals! Crystals are used as decent conduits that profound spiritual practices like meditation, chakra balancing, Kundalini Jagran, etc.
  • Rituals with crystals! These power-bearing chunks are used in occult practices and rituals as well. Crystals augment the results of Switchwords, Sigil, Grids, and anything that comes in contact.
  • Charge with crystals! The power of crystals is so high that they can infuse life to dull things, people & places. People who are aware of the power of crystals charge everything & place with crystals to keep negativity away and positivity around.

1 review for Lucky Crystal Suggestion

  1. Ritik Sharma

    Hi sir,
    I’m an Author published 10 books and upcoming music artist,I saw your videos on YouTube and they helped me to deal with my problem of anxiety and Mental confusion by wearing the lapis 7 chakra and ross quartz pendant.
    So could you please suggest me the bracelet for the name and fame according to my date of birth which is 29 sep 1997 ,time 19:55 ,place Bulandshahr, Uttarpradesh

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